Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Walking away from THAT?

Could I have handled this hand better? If so, how?

Hand info:

Date: 2010/06/15 20:52:29 ET
Type: Tournament (165604807)
Game: Hold'em NL
Table: 229
Blinds: $25/50
Table info:
Seat 1: astads23 ($4,695)
Seat 2: psanti ($5,730)
Seat 3: LeeonPhelps ($3,000)
Seat 4: IamWinnaRawr420 ($11,650)
Seat 5: jorounders ($10,650)
Posts small blind $25
Seat 6: Ericseveneleven ($2,500)
Posts big blind $50
Seat 7: Scorponuk ($1,850)
Seat 8: Yagouan ($2,855)
Seat 9: cetamua ($4,920)

Dealt to cetamua

Preflop: (Pot: $75)
FOLD Yagouan
RAISE cetamua, to $100
CALL astads23, $100
CALL psanti, $100
FOLD IamWinnaRawr420
FOLD jorounders
FOLD Ericseveneleven
CALL Scorponuk, $50

Flop: (Pot: $425)

CHECK Scorponuk
BET cetamua, $425
CALL astads23, $425
FOLD psanti
FOLD Scorponuk
Check odds
Turn: (Pot: $1,275)

BET cetamua, $1,275
CALL astads23, $1,275
River: (Pot: $3,825)

BET cetamua, $3,120 and is ALL-IN
CALL astads23, $2,895 and is ALL-IN
RETURN cetamua, $225


SHOWS cetamua

SHOWS astads23

astads23 wins the pot of $9,615 with a full house, Queens full of Kings

I'm genuinely interested to read your ideas.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The beating shall continue...

Hi guys,
I realize that I may appear grumpy and bitter these days after a poker game. I apologize for being so, and believe me, I'm trying hard to control that.

In my defense, I want to show you 2 hands from the SAME tourney that will illustrate what I'm going through right now.

Take care and GL.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yet another Pro who got my number

Pretty classic hand where I'm a big favorite against Kristy Gazes, on the flop, only to lose to a runner-runner straight.



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Incredible hand against Gavin Smith

They say the pros are made from a special metal.
Thought it was hogwash, until this...


Feel free to comment; I'm sure there will be some! :-D

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Welcome friends,
Whats with the railtards not showing up for the tourney?
Hope we have a bigger field this weekend.
We have setup the Railtards Tourney edition 7
Here are the details

Buyin: 2.50 + 1.00
Game: NL HE Double Stack , Knock Out with 0.50 going to each KO
Password: lifesgood Date: March 14th 2010
Time: 8:30 PM EST

Hope to see u all there!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hi Guys,
As I write this post I m deeply hurt and anguished by what happened at Loops table tonite. It seems some of us are unhappy with the playing of couple of unknown guests in our tourney. Now the blame is on me that I let them in. Also it is bieng said that I control the blog and the tourney and the passwords.
I would take this opportunity to clear up a few things.
One fine day we all decided that we should have our own blog wherein we can express ourselves and have discussions and hangout. Then we were pondering over the name for the blog, thats when Cetamua came up with the name RAILTARDS and we all were glad with it.
Then I took the responsibility to create one because I thought I had a lot of time at my hands and can do it comfortably. Not because I wanted to RULE or Control anything.

Then about four weeks back again at Loops table we were all chatting I asked everyone how does having our own private tourney sound? everyone was very happy about the idea, so I set it up.
All the tourneys that I have setup so far have had ayes frm atleast four fellow railtards for its buyin and structure. Yes I agree I setup the password but I post it immediatly for everyone to see.
The way subby came on loops table was not a Railtards vision we have.
I believe that everyone welcomes the guests accompanied by the fellow railtards.

Last but not the least who is Railtard
We are a group of friends who incidentally (and in some cases accidentally) met playing poker at fulltilt poker.com and developed mutual liking for each other, which over the period of time has strengthend into a deep friendships. We named ourselves Railtards. We love fun and we standby each other in the hour of need, be it moral or other. We rail each other and "waste" our time watching our dear friend take down the tourney or simply playing a good game.
We login everday on to fulltilt and search for our friends first even before we look up for a tourney to play.We get worried when one of us doesnt show up for a couple of days without informing. We are happy when one of us wins big. We are sad when one of us takes a bad beat. We just log on to other poker sites to watch our friend play.
Anyone who is willing to do the same is a Railtard, he may be our " grouppie" or any other player on full tilt.

I m sincerely apologise to all of you if you think I have committed a blunder.
And as far as the railtards tourney is concerned, everyone knows how to do it, this is the last one setup by me.
Thanks and GL All.


p.s : the password for this weeks tourney is chipnachair

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hello My Fellow Railtards,
Been an excellent week for many of us, congrats to all.
We are ready with Railtards Tourney Event 4.
And the details are

Game: NLHE Rebuy Tournament ( 4R+1A)
Buyin: 1+1
Time: the usual lame 7:30PM EST
Place: You know where
Password: Password will be posted once we have Atleast 5 comments to this post. OR alternatively you can look me up and catch me playing and ask for the password......howz that?..............hahahhahaha.......lets have some fun, after all thats what friends are for.