Saturday, November 28, 2009


After an horrible 3 weeks at the tables where nothing ( and I mean nothing) worked for me, I was cruising good at the DD tonight. Was playing only solid hands that were holding up (a refreshing change), no tricky moves, only selective aggression with good hands. Then, came this hand

A heartbreaking outcome, to be sure. OK! So, Ceta, WTF is your problem? Ain't that poker, or what?

Yes it, check the next hand.

Now, you tell me; is that poker...or a hint?

I think it's a hint, a message telling me to go away, to take a loooong time off from poker. The Rebuy later tonight was another sign that I must go.

Which I will. So, I do not know when I'll be back. That is assuming that I will be back.

Take care folks!


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suellen77 said...

Oh Ceta, We love you please dom't leave us! This beat is NOT as bad as yours but it ranks up there. I know it was only in the Aussie Millions Freeroll but.... I'm in the BB with 7 8 off - Flop 7 7 8. Great! I've flopped a boat - check - 1 bet and a raise, I got OTT and big stack calls and shows A 7 - Turn 9 - River, you guessed it, an ACE Goddammit!!