Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reality Check: Calling Stations lurk everywhere.

Check this hand:
With a hand like KhQh, I would've raise preflop in any other position than the SB. Alas, having already one caller in position and a potential other one in the BB, (which just arrived at the table) I wasn't that keen in raising big. Anyway!

BB check; he could have anything at this point.

Flop is 5c Kc Ts. Top pair great kicker. I bet the pot; BB calls

Hmm! What can he be holding? Am I victim of the BB special? Starting to have 2nd thoughts about not raising preflop. But I'm far from convinced he has something...yet! If he has set of 5s, I'm almost dead. But with 2 clubs on board, he would have to think maybe I have a flush draw. Would he take the risk of flat calling? Dubious!

Flush draw? If so, it is a low one, or he has Ace-rag/K-rag of clubs. Other possibility is a K-5 (would he have checked with K-T?) for two pairs. But a pot-sized bet on the flop would suggest I have at least a K. Does one flat call taking the risk of giving his opponent a better two pairs?

In retrospect, it was a mistake not to raise preflop. Having an 11 x BB stack, I'm stuck with a difficult decision, ; slow down and give up control of the betting or keep on gunning on the turn and river.

Turn is 7s

I bet the pot; not the best play here. Going all in should've been my 1st choice here, since I'm committed anyway.

River is Qc.

I shove; got a 2nd pair and I can't back down at this point.

He calls and show 3c-7c.

Even if my play was far from optimal on this hand, I have a very hard time finding anything nice to say about his play. He basically risked 58% of his entire stack on a flush that was easily beaten. And if he missed on the river, he would be left with a 33% loss of his entire stack.

Comments? Rants? Raves?


Viju said...

Donkeys dont reason their calls...........they just keep pushing the call button with a prayer and say sht, when they miss it and are happy when they hit, they usually are not htinking players and are more into Gambling fram of mind than play making fram of mind

Viju said...

Tell me why this person was even in the pot